How to Correctly Use the Massage Chair

How to Correctly Use the Massage Chair

A massage chair seems like an excellent option for getting a quality massage at home. Advertisements for these sophisticated massage devices often talk about their versatility – relaxing massage, therapeutic procedures, air compression, infrared heating combined with roller and vibration massage.

Despite all these benefits, massage chairs also have their downsides. You should familiarize yourself with the possible dangers of using massage chairs to avoid experiencing any dangers or risks using them.

reclining massage chairMassage chairs are not recommended for use in cases of spinal diseases – this can lead to even greater health problems, including irreversible ones. On the other hand, in the absence of serious illnesses, the massage chair does an excellent job of clearing muscle tension and eliminating circulatory problems. We suggest that you familiarize yourself with the indications for using massage chairs and medical warnings about their use in more detail.

What Is the Use of a Massage Chair?

Apparatus massage when using chairs allows you to work out many muscle groups. The intensity of the impact of massage elements and their type makes it possible to draw up an individual massage program, depending on personal preferences and health. The types of massage offered by these chairs include:

  • vibration massage;
  • roller massage;
  • air compression massage;
  • patting and tapping certain areas;
  • stretching and kneading;
  • Shiatsu massage;
  • combination of various types of massage with intense heating.

Using a Massage Chair Correctly

Problems with using massage chairs are not limited to contraindications for certain diseases. A healthy person can also get harm from them if he does not follow the basic rules of operation.

massage chairTo keep damage from your massage chair to a minimum, it should only be placed on a perfectly level surface and away from heating elements or open fire sources. It is forbidden to use the chair in case of high humidity in the apartment or house. You should not abuse massage even when it brings many positive emotions – one session should not exceed 30 minutes. Otherwise, the muscles, instead of relaxing, will have the opposite effect. After the massage, it is recommended to get up from the chair only after a few minutes of rest.

It is forbidden to smoke, consume alcohol, coffee, or energy drinks before the massage. Otherwise, intensive massage can lead to severe vasospasm. The massage chair is the best device for home treatment and relaxation. However, for its practical use, it is best to consult a doctor first. Only a well-designed individual massage program can have a severe therapeutic and prophylactic effect on human health in the absence of serious contraindications.