Benefits Swedish Massage During Pregnancy

Benefits Swedish Massage During Pregnancy

During pregnancy, many body changes occur to our bodies. After the long wait with some struggles, your joy is to see your baby arrives safely. It this unique time of life massage will benefit your body a lot to help cope with the changes you go through.

Studies have been conducted, and it has been found out Swedish massage can assist you through this difficult time. This kind of massage helps you to reduce depression signs, improve the outcome of your labor, limit anxiety, soothe your muscle aches and joint pains and it is also advantageous to the health of the baby.

The Swedish massage procedure is known to boost the lymphatic system and blood circulation during pregnancy, and it is capable of relaxing build up muscle tension. You will get the best results by applying minimal pressure to the bodies different muscle groups. The following are some benefits of this massage during pregnancy.

Reduce Swelling

In medical terminology, swelling is called edema; this can be a problematicgvgvtct symptom during your pregnancy. Your legs swell very much because of you expanding uterus which causes an increment in pressure that is exerted in your major blood vessels, which results in a reduction in your circulation. Swedish massage will assist you to reduce your swollen joints as it excites the soft tissues that limit the collection of fluids in the joints. It also helps to better the tissue waste removal which is transported to your body by the lymphatic system.

Nerve Pain Improvement

During pregnancy, many ladies undergo pain in the sciatic nerve. The uterus is exerting a lot of pressure on your lower and upper leg muscles. This results in increased pressure on nerves and swelling of feet. You can reduce this problem by a massage therapy.

Regulation of Hormones

gvgcgcfHormone levels that are connected with relaxation and stress change considerably. These hormones have a particular impact on mood relaxation, but with Swedish massage therapy done in the pregnancy period, these hormones have a different degree of improvement upon cardiovascular healthy. There was a reduction in the stress hormones in women who experienced a five weeks massage which was done at least twice a week. There was also an improvement of dopamine and serotonin levels which assists in fighting against depression, when these hormones are low they may lead to severe depression. If there is a difference in these hormonal levels, there are fewer complications in child delivery. If you integrate the Swedish massage during pregnancy both the baby and mother will benefit greatly.