All That You Need To Know About Infant Teething

All That You Need To Know About Infant Teething

Infant teething is a critical stage in infants. Unfortunately, most people do not seem to care about this stage since they think that those are only primary teeth which will pass. This is where such like parents seem to go wrong. While it is true that they are primary teeth that will pass, it is good to take care of them properly. This is because there could be many health complications that might be associated with the whole stage.

When do infant’s teeth start to grow?

This is a question that many young mothers always ask themselves. Most journals that have been written by various medical practitioner indicates that most infants start teething after six months. However, it is good to understand that some infant can grow teeth as early as three months. There have also been rare cases where some infants have been born with teeth.

What are the signs that your infant is teething?

Many signs can help you know that your infant is teething. Some are likely to experience infant fever. You will tell this if you see your child holding their mouth with hands. This might be caused by the pain that they might be undergoing through. Sometimes you will find such infants trying to chew anything that they come across.

Can the teething symptoms be managed?

The answer to the above question is yes. When you realize that your lovely baby is undergoing through lots of agonies as a result of the teething, you can help. Sitting around and watching helplessly cannot help. You can try rubbing or massaging the gums with your fingers or chewing toys. You, however, need to make sure that your hands are properly washed to av0id compromising the health of your child.

Also, if you infant is capable of chewing, you can try giving them healthy foods like vegetables and fruits to chew. Here you need to be careful not to choke your child. You need to be sure that piece you give your child is breakable.
You also need to avoid giving your kid medications such as viscous lidocaine or any other such like products. This is because such kind of medications can be harmful to the infant.

What about teething and vomiting in infants?

Most people wonder whether there is a relationship between teething and vomiting in infants. One thing that you need to understand is that teething normally occur during the large part the infant. For this reason, it is normally blamed for many symptoms. Research that has been done do not link vomiting and teething.